Summer Camp

As summer quickly approaches, its time to start thinking about your childs summertime activities.

In 2010, theProvincial Autism Centre is proud to introduce a new summer day camp program for children with ASD ages 6-14.

Building on the success ofthe camprun by the Autism Society Nova Scotia for the last 8years, the Provincial Autism Centre’ssummer camp provides a positive recreational summer experience for childrenwith ASD .

The camp runs in2 week time slots. Returning campers may sign up for a maximum of two 2 week time slots, and first time campers may sign up for a maximum of one 2 week time slot.

Campers must fulfill the following criteria in order to apply for Summer Camp 2010:

Diagnosis of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
Age 6-14
At least one year of school completed before camp begins
Is not eligible for HRM camps
Participates in the Intake for Campers process:parent questionnaires, school (Principal, EPA, teacher) involvement if necessary.
Every camp day is carefully structured with lotsoffun-filled activities such as:
  • swimming every afternoon
  • bowling
  • field trips
  • play activities
  • crafts
  • baking
  • games
  • playground fun
  • table time
  • … and more!

Each child has a one-to-one worker who is trained to work with children with ASD – that’s the difference that makes this camp such a positive and safe experience for every child who attends.