Types of Dental Insurance

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June 2, 2016
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Types of Dental Insurance

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Types of Dental Insurance

Keeping your teeth healthy has now become a more attainable process for most families with the help of dental insurance. Many plans offer procedures and treatments covered for preventative care. When involved with your dentist in a scheduled treatment routine, the costs and necessity of major dental repair is minimized. Many children need orthodontic (braces) treatment and having a good dental insurance plan in place can greatly reduce the cost to your family. When the need arises for emergency treatment, the peace of mind of knowing you can more easily afford these treatments is assured with a reputable dental insurance plan.

There are basically two forms of dental insurance, one being an indemnity plan (traditional) where you pay a premium and that carries a deductible. These plans cover most general customary services such as routing cleaning (prophylaxis), yearly x-rays, fluoride treatments and sealants for your children. These plans have coverage available for restorative treatments such as root canals, fillings, crowns, and offer the patient the referral to specialists if needed. Most of these treatments are covered with the carrier paying 80% and the patient being responsible for the remaining 20%. A pre-certification is usually required, allowing for dentist and patient to know what is covered and allowed and the costs. Once deductibles are met, the carrier generally covers 100% of customary treatment. The other dental insurance plan is a discount plan (preferred provider organization) where services are provided at a discount through a network of participating dentists. Although you are limited to your choice of dentists in the PPO network, these discounts are passed on to you and the costs are generally lower than a traditional plan.

Maintaining good dental health is now a leading factor in overall general health. Many employers now include dental insurance benefits in their health insurance package. Whether you have insurance available to you through your employer or seek it as an individual policy, the help that it will assure your family is a priority. If you do not have a dental insurance plan in place, be encouraged to research the options now. Preventative dental care avoids in many cases the necessity of more major restorative and costly care in the future. Families that are able to care for all members teeth have better physical health and higher levels of good mental health.

Dental procedures are now more gentle and the experience of maintaining ones dental health affordable through the benefit of having dental insurance. There are many different plans. Research the Internet and contact the Better Business Bureau. When contacting dental insurance companies asking questions regarding coverage, treatments, deductibles and co-pays will help you in deciding the best plan to suit your individual or families needs.

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