Most Common Dental Procedures

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May 3, 2016
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Most Common Dental Procedures

calgary seMany of us are not very fond of visiting the dentist due to different reasons. Some feel uncomfortable sitting in that dreadful dental chair while most are afraid of the procedures itself. For whatever reason, it is the dentists responsibility to make the patient feel comfortable during their visit. There are many professional dentist SE Calgary to choose from.

Finding the right dentist to care for your teeth takes effort but it is important especially if you need to undergo certain procedures that require several appointments and treatments. It is best that you feel comfortable during your visit. There are many kinds of procedures that patients undergo. Here are some of the most common treatments. offer these dental procedures and treatments under one roof.



Tooth decay and cavities lead to damaged teeth. A cracked or broken teeth can be caused by tooth grinding, nail biting or using your teeth to open or cut things. There are different materials and tools used for tooth restoration and repair. Fillings are usually produced from a resin that has the same look and feel as a regular and natural teeth. Tooth decay may be detected through x-rays or laser kits.


Crowns or Caps

A crown or cap is a type of tooth restoration that protects broken and damaged teeth. Dental crowns cover the tooth and are constructed from materials such as porcelain, metal or both. These are used to provide coverage to cracked and stained teeth to improve the appearance.


Implants or Bridges

Dental implants or bridges are constructed to replace the space where the missing tooth is. A dental implant acts as a support for tooth replacement through metal frames installed in the jawbone. Implants duplicate the tooth, crown and root. A bridge is also referred to as a fixed removable denture. It is made up of false tooth with crowns on both sides. It can be held together by either natural teeth or implants. Most dentist SE Calgary clinics have produce high tech tools and equipment for these kind of procedures to ensure that the patient has the highest standard of implants.


Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction refers to the removal of tooth. There are several factors leading to tooth extraction including broken or severely damaged tooth. Before deciding if the tooth must be removed, the dentist usually resorts to other approaches such as filling, crown or other types of treatments. Tooth extraction is usually the last option if other treatments fail. There are some cases where tooth removal is required in order to give space for other teeth that are moved or repositioned. These include having braces or contracting wisdom tooth.


Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves the process of lightening your teeth to remove stains and discoloration. Stained or discolored teeth are mainly caused by food, drinks and nicotine.


Root Canal

Root canal or Endodontics, is the extraction of the tooths pulp located in the middle of the tooth. A pulp refers to a tissue containing nerves, veins and arteries. Once removed, the tooth is cleaned and filled immediately. Damaged pulp is usually caused by cavity, broken teeth or injury. Once the decay reaches near the pulp, the patient experiences a toothache. If this condition is untreated, an abscess is formed at the tip of the root which causes pain and destroys the bone around the tooth.